After their cycle as ICS Progressio volunteers, our In-Country volunteers carry out some amazing projects. They do this with a commitment to continue supporting their communities through these ‘Action at Home’ projects completed in the different regions of the country where Progressio has been working. Some of the projects that they have done are described below:

Gracias Lempira, Honduras. 

Progressio was working with the partner organizacion Red Comal to support the farmers of the community, focused on counteracting the effects of climate change and promoting environmentally friendly agricultural management. From July 2014 to June 2015. 

Description of the Action at Home project, second cycle (October – December 2014):

The Action at home project of the ICV’s was to produce a manual on the production of organic fertilizers and to give two workshops to a group of 16 farmers in 4 communities in the municipality of Gracias with the aim to increase kowledge and awareness of the environmentally friendly agricultural management and to counteract the effects of climate change. 

Group of farmers making organic fertilizers

In-Country volunteers participants:

  • Salomon Ezequiel Miranda Perdomo
  • Danilo Castañeda
  • Keldin Adalid Martinez
  • Oscar Adalid Matinez
  • Dauny Odaly Cerrano
  • Hilda concepcion Cerrano
  • Norma Leticia Martinez
  • Maria Teresa Miranda Cortes
  • Francis Antonio Martinez

Written by ICS in-country volunteers (October – December 2014)