This very special day for COMUCAP celebrated their hard work in bringing independence and stability to the new factory. Usually the cooperative has to pay larger corporations to sort and dry the coffee, have it packaged and then shipped. At this particular factory they now employ COMUCAP associates to run the factory and do it all themselves. The inauguration saw the coming together of many important people such as members from the UN, charity donors and Gladis Aurora, the local MP. But most importantly, it was attended by the 6 founding members of COMUCAP and also many other associates and their families and friends. This was a very proud day for all and we felt extremely privileged to be a part of it.

The audience watching speeches and presentations at the event.

COMUCAP Founding member Doña Edith.

COMUCAP’s own brand coffee: Comucafé.

Progressio volunteers Katie Sims, Thea Smith and Rose Forman with Bernadina, an aloe vera specialist who owns an integral farm with her husband.

COMUCAP Founding member Doña Edith, Progressio Development Worker Lincoln Villonueva, Progressio volunteer Thea Smith, Local MP Gladis Aurora, Rose Forman, Katie Sims and COMUCAP associate Francisca.


Blog by Rose Forman and Alice Pepper

Photos taken by Alice Pepper and Maddie Dicks