I have the right to... play, have water, food, security, education, healthcare, shelter, and freedom of expression. 

If you were to walk past the local school near Yaramaguila, Honduras, on 19 August you would have heard approximately 120 excitable children aged 4-13 shouting in both English and Spanish 'Tengo el derecho a...'/I have the right to...'. 

The Yamaranguila ICS team organised a 'Culture of Peace' event, which highlighted the rights of a child. Each right was incorporated into a fun and interactive activity run by the national and UK volunteers. For example, the children enjoyed building and sitting in their own shelter and learning English. 

Squeals of delight could be heard from the water game, where the children raced to fill buckets of water. The children also learnt how to wash their hands and brush their teeth properly and enjoyed putting slings on each other. It was an action packed and fun morning, which the team, children and school staff thoroughly enjoyed, with the important message of the children's rights being communicated. The team have enjoyed building up a strong and positive relationship with the school. The school has been incredibly welcoming and the team are excited for this relationship to be built upon in future cycles. 

The event highlighted that children, regardless of where they are in the world and what their situation is, have universal human rights which must be protected. The children at the school have embraced the team joining the community. The team cannot walk through the community without being greeted by name and the children are always quick to lend a hand and support the team. The team have all been touched by the generosity of these hard working and loving children. 

It is exciting to empower these wonderful children who are so attentive, inquisitive, polite, happy, and eager to learn and reach their potential. They are the future of this community.

Written by ICS volunteer Gwenllian Williams