Sitting wondering what to do

As usual, staring at a screen.

Seemingly there's nothing new

Among my usual Facebook crew,

But then an ad I hadn't seen.


“What will you do with your time?”

Aloud I answer “I don't know!”

I can't help thinking it's a sign,

This experience could be mine,

So I click and there you go.


The process starts and soon I'm there,

Though Wellingborough was in between,

To meet the ones with whom I'll share 

My time abroad, and though I'm scared,

I know that this is quite a team!


So on the plane, to Houston first.

There we start to think of rules;

Can we ignore the vodka thirst?

Will we soon feel curfew cursed?

Oh ICS, you are so cruel!


Yet soon these thoughts aren't in my head,

For I am in Honduras now,

And other things matter instead,

As in the news people are dead, 

So then and there I make a vow.


“Don't think of triviality.”

Perspective here is not the same.

Some people wish that they could be,

A Westerner, someone like me -

It's for this reason that we came.


Not to make them into us;

To help in any way we can,

And though it may be hard to trust

A fleeting visitor, without a fuss

They welcomed us into their clan.


So, soon the work was underway -

The jobs all seemed huge at the start,

But we got there day by day,

(Even with things in the way!)

Because our team is strong and smart.


And what exactly have we done?

Developed a whole library,

With new windows and roof for one,

And computers for teachers to run

Classes for the community.


We taught some women how to make

Products out of rubbish bits,

Things the women then could take,

To a fair for selling’s sake,

Which we organised just for this.


And we've taught students as well,

In a local colegio.

Myths we needed to dispel 

All about sexual health -

Surprising what they didn't know.


The list is long and it goes on,

But there I'll stop to save the bore!

I'm sad to say we'll soon be gone,

Back to United Kingdom.

Different to who we were before.


Written by ICS volunteer Aidan Fielding