On 21 January, we went to Nthuzi, in Mbongondo, with the aim of training people on how to run a business and how they can save money through the Village Bank. We met the group Village Headman of Nthuzi with his community and they welcomed us with joy and a spirit of learning more. They had an interest in knowing how they can run their business and how they can save their money through the bank system, because they have never had this opportunity before.

Once we had completed the formal introductions, the UK volunteers read from a previously prepared script, leaving the national volunteers to translate into Chitumbuka, so that the community members could understand. Although the training sessions are a lot more work for the national volunteers, it’s a great chance for everyone to improve on their public speaking skills, as well as gain confidence when speaking English and Chitumbuka, which may be a personal development goal for your time on placement. 

By the end of our lesson, the community were excited that they had gained knowledge on business management and that they can now put this into practice. They also said that they are looking forward to us teaching them more in other activities in the future, to help them change their lives for the better.  

Written by ICS volunteer Glory Kumwenda