Malawi is so peaceful and the people are so friendly it’s unreal. I did not expect the country to be so welcoming. I have learnt so much by just being here, the culture is so different to mine it’s like another world. The kids at the schools pay attention and show a lot of respect. I did not think they would be so good and listen as much as they have. I am grateful they are like this as it is easier to facilitate because I feel more welcome. I enjoyed the session I did on stigma with a local community. They were very nice people and I hope to see them again.  

One of the things I have been learning is a game called Bowa, I like this game it’s good to watch although they are very fast at it. There are 32 slots and you have to get all the marbles to your side so the other player cannot take them it’s hard to understand at first but it is good fun. They play while we wait for transport to go to the field.

I am half way into my placement now, and I have learnt a lot being here. My confidence has grown, and my attitude to life has changed. The other day I had to do 7 condom demonstrations  at Luvire secondary school. It went well. The students laugh a lot but they also stood up and asked important questions, which I thought was brilliant.

Blog and photos by ICS volunteer Ryma Danver

Photo 1: Ryma and the three village heads

Photo 2: Jackson (left) and Paul (right) playing a bowa

Photo 3: Wezzie (left) Ryma (right) doing a sexual health session at Luvire secondary school. 

Photo 4: Pupils from Luvire secondary school. We did seven different classes on sexual health.



WOW Ryma!! I'm so proud and happy for you, you've taken such a huge, brave step in going to Malawi and I am very happy that you are having an amazing experience, I always knew you were destined for great things! Keep up the blog its lovely to hear what you've been up too!
Meera x

Ryma - it is so fantastic to see this blog and that you're doing so well on your ICS programme. I'm sure the people you're meeting are really benefitting from you being there.
We at Changemakers all remember you and are delighted to hear about what you're doing now. Please keep in touch!!
Take care.
Jenny (Changemakers' London office)

Keep up the good work, you are such a beautiful lovely kind girl, I'm sure you will make a difference giving your help in Malawi, proud of you back home here, loves you Ryma xx

We're so very proud of you ryma you're doing so well and making so much of a difference to the country. Im so glad your finding yourself. Love you so much see you soon xxxx

So interesting ur experiance will live with u forever i hope u get to do it again before ur 25 :-))