Week 5 started with another tree planting exercise at Msiki in the area of Group Village Headman Chibambo on Monday. With us we brought 450 pine tree seedlings that were to be planted on the woodlot surrounding the unfinished Msiki Community Multipurpose Hall, an addition to the 535 trees planted in week 2.

The Village Headman, Chairlady of the Community’s Aids Support Group (Msiki ASG) and some members of the ASG were amongst the 8 from the community that came and helped the team on that sunny day.

However, VH Waphembe apologised for the low turnout of people but also thanked the team for deciding to plant more trees in the community. VH Waphembe said: “As you know, we are in the rainy season, a lot of people are in the fields but I’m sure members of the community will appreciate your kind gesture.” 

Wednesday was a hectic but exciting day, many activities were outlined for the team thus we divided into groups. 4 ICS volunteers headed to Nkhorongo to plant trees at an individual woodlot this time, while others facilitated in another community on the importance of using clay cook stoves.

Overall around 200 trees were planted together with the owner of the woodlot, Mafera Mhango, adding more trees to the already existing woodlot which was established by one of the previous cycles during their placement. It was good to see the trees had grown significantly in the last year, due to the excellent growing conditions, and good practice carried out by the owner of the woodlot.

“Thank you for considering this woodlot, continue helping and educating others on the importance of trees” said Mafera Mhango.

ICS volunteers have been enjoying the experience and are happy to be playing a role in sustaining natural resources. 

Written by Zamiwe Chisi