This week we have been working more intensely and groups 1 and 2 have split up to begin covering the eco-latrines. With the help of our facilitators we built the first model to serve as a guide for the mini groups, ensuring we were aware of exact measurements and all the materials we would need. With tools in hand we finished the first cover together.

The following Tuesday and Wednesday the mini groups went to different houses in the community to carry out our work. We made great progress in this time and in the end our hard work paid off as we finished covering our first eco-latrine. If we continue at this pace I am sure that we will achieve our proposed aims.

Complimentary activities

We visited the Oscar Fuentes Róbleto school to hold a short football tournament with the children which was enjoyed by all. We also delivered a workshop about the importance of health and hygiene, discussing hand-washing and teeth brushing. The children were also very animated in the English classes given by UK and national volunteers.

Mid-term evaluation

We began with a presentation from each volunteer, discussing the development of their individual roles within the project, as well as the leaders giving a presentation of their own. 

These two days were one of the best experiences for the whole group; we played, laughed, worked and enjoyed having a break after a month of hard work. It was good for the group to share this time together, there is more trust and energy between the UK and national volunteers and improved communication. The union within the group is strengthened day-by-day, five weeks have already passed and we can feel the great bond of friendship that unites us all. I hope that everything continues this way. 

Each group was given time to plan the activities for the following week, even though we are two groups there is no divide between us. 

Written by national ICS volunteer Danny Emerson Úbeda Norori