A new week arrives like a new blank page with the hope that we write as many new moments as possible on it. Here I share some of these moments with you.

Just as in the week before, the UK and national volunteers united to give their best and further the development of Cycle 10. Both Groups 1 and 2 began the construction of the covers for the eco-latrines in El Pochote, some taking a little more time than others learning how to use the tools. We, in Group 2, have put in the work to improve for this coming week and thus have a satisfactory job.

We are in summer here in Nicaragua and have taken to work under a delicious, strong and hot sun. But, despite this, the national and UK volunteers remain active because we know we’re helping to carry out our job faster and advance the task we have been put in charge of.

Wednesday 18 February was a very special day, particularly for the national volunteers, who celebrated Ash Wednesday at lunch time with a delicious traditional soup known as Sopa de Rosquillas at the home of one of the national volunteers. Although the best part of the day was the harmony shared between all the volunteers, Grace, one of the UK volunteers and now our friend, commented that,” the succulent soup was very tasty”. Then, after enjoying our lunch, the teams worked on our respective presentations for our mid-term evaluation. 

Our Group 2 made our presentations on the Thursday and Friday of that week where we evaluated how our group had worked and we awarded the volunteers based on personal development, creativity, the effort to learn another language and the most motivated volunteer that carried the group with their spirit. Looking at the success we have had in Group 2, we feel happy and, despite some difficulties, we know that, little by little, the ‘Knights and Dames of the Eco-Latrines’ (as we like to call ourselves) are close to achieving our aim. 

Written by ICS volunteer Amanda Aguirre