The Basilwizi volunteer team departed at Binga Basilwizi office at around 09.30am for the two hour drive to Lubu.The event was attended by village heads and the cultural dance group of Lubu 10.

The event started immediately after the Basiwlizi team arrived. Both Basilwizi volunteers and the dance group were very excited to join in the event. This was such an interesting day for the volunteers both national and international, because we learned what the wearing of traditional clothes means to the Tonga culture, the girls were bedecked in beaded belts and necklaces, while the boys wore traditional headdresses. The clothes symbolise the bright colours of the battle that is re-enacted throughout the dances.

We also participated in the dancing, females were singing and males blowing cow horns. The purpose of our visit was to take part in the cultural exchange and to promote the traditional Tonga dances of past generations.

There were more than 80 people at the event, with an even mix of females and males. The community were happy to see us participating in the event and thought it was very funny to watch us dance! They gave us a warm reception, full of thanks and appreciation.

The dance troop of Lubu 10 are involved in a cultural heritage dance competition this month, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed that they will do well, and will keep you updated!


Written by In-country volunteer Annah Mumpande