We, the DOMCCP (Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme) team, are a forward thinking, enthusiastic group of individuals who are committed to working hard together to lay the firm ground work needed for future Progressio ICS cycles to build upon. We have been tasked with forming strong links with DOMCCP representatives and advocates of change in the communities within the different wards of the Mutasa district, in order to begin our activities in the coming weeks. Our focuses are on HIV & AIDS work, including education on prevention, misconceptions, medication management, and tackling stigma and discrimination; creating sustainable livelihoods via income generating activities and other economic strengthening programmes; youth empowerment; and gender equality, working to empower women in the community and prevent gender-based violence and domestic abuse. 

Below you can find a short profile of each member of our team according to their roles with a few of their thoughts on the ICS journey and Zimbabwe so far.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders John and Ngoni

John, UK Team Leader: “I’ve learnt that I have a passionate and hardworking team, and I can’t wait for them to get into the community and get to work. Plus I have the best National Team Leader. Love John.”

Ngoni, national Team Leader: “Some people say that working cross culturally is something that is very hard and difficult, but for me it’s different, working cross culturally is something that is fun and allows people to share different ideas. Also, I am working with this wonderful amazing counterpart as my partner.”

Monitoring and Evaluation

The M&E team, Matt, Hattie, Raymond and Ian

Matt, UK volunteer: “Zimbabwe is beautiful and the people are very friendly.”

Hattie, UK volunteer: “I have been taken aback at how incredibly welcoming, open and friendly the people of Zimbabwe have been so far. I can’t wait to become more involved in the different communities of Mutasa in the weeks ahead.”

Raymond, national volunteer: “I’m happy that ICS has granted me an opportunity, through DOMCCP, to make a difference in my community. I am excited to work with international volunteers and learn about their cultures.”

Ian, national volunteer: “ICS is an interesting international volunteer programme that mainly focuses on community development within the society. Through partners, like DOMCCP, there has been much work on community development. Many people in communities in Southern Africa have been helped with living with HIV and efforts have been made to reduce HIV infection. The youth, both males and females, have also been empowered to engage in some livelihood projects for their survival.”


The language team S’thoko and Tim

S’thoko, national volunteer: “With community development everything is possible, people need knowledge to fight against gender based violence and poverty. This was my first impression at Sherukuru Hall.”

Tim, UK volunteer: “My first impression is that the local people never get tired of stopping you for a chat and inviting you into their homes for food!”

Community Liaison

The community liaison team, Lauren and Blessing

Lauren, UK volunteer: “A first impression: Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country with the people to match! They are so kind and friendly and welcoming, it’s amazing.”

Blessing, national volunteer: “I learnt that working as a team in community development is vital because the team is composed of people with different professions and talents. Also, when the group is tasked with discussing relevant topics, great ideas will come out from all angles. I am excited about working with the UK volunteers and sharing ideas and embarking on a cross-pollination of cultures.”


The learning team, Sibo, Greg, Sarah and Agnes

Sibo, national volunteer: “I was so excited meeting the UK volunteers, they are such nice people. It will be so great working with them. I really can’t wait to get into the community and share the information we have. It is going to be the most exciting ten weeks ever.”

Greg, UK volunteer: “Working closely with the Zimbabwean volunteers has been an incredibly enriching experience. I am looking forward to seeing what progress we can make on the project together.”

Sarah, UK volunteer: “I didn’t realise our host families would be so welcoming and would try to integrate us into their community as quickly as they did!”

Agnes, national volunteer: “I am excited that by working as a volunteer in DOMCCP I am developing personally by gaining confidence and learning new things. I learnt that DOMCCP is an organisation which was established in 1992 in response to the AIDS pandemic. My first impression of DOMCCP is that it is an organisation which is very helpful in dealing with the HIV & AIDS prevalence. ICS is a programme which encompasses a diverse range of young people to participate in the volunteer programme in order to develop personally and to develop the community.”

Visual Media and Media

The visual media and media team, Tawanda, Vanessa, Charly and Rutendo

Tawanda, national volunteer: “The UK volunteers are adapting to our Zimbabwean culture, they are not finding it difficult to be here. They are kind and caring brethrens.”

Vanessa, UK volunteer: “Zimbabwe is a beautiful country filled with extremely friendly people. It already feels like a second home! If you ever get a chance make sure you visit and try the sadza!”

Charly, UK volunteer: “I’ve enjoyed every moment of this journey so far. The people in the community I have met have been wonderfully kind and welcoming and I look forward to sharing many more days with them during my time here. I can’t wait to get started with our work in various communities focusing on HIV & AIDS and sustainable livelihoods.”

Rutendo, national volunteer: “With the Grace of God, I hope that I will remain committed with the community development, ‘Once a volunteer, always a volunteer’. If ICS and DOMCCP go, I will remain a volunteer and build nations.” 

Written by ICS Team DOMCCP