We organised some exchange visits - a great way for farmers to learn new techniques and share knowledge with each other. Take a look at the slideshow to find out more!

The first visit was for beneficiaries from Gens de Nantes and Lamine to a community where Solidarite Fwontalye is working, called Dilaire. They visited plots cultivated with onions and carrots, and learned about the right techniques of planting and irrigation systems. They also got to know the work the grassroots organization TKK is doing in their collective vegetable farm.

The next visit was for a beneficiary group from Hinche in the Central Plateau to Gens de Nantes, Lamine and Ounanaminthe. The group from Hinche learned about the flood walls, the vegetable plantations and the demonstration garden. They exchanged experiences about running their organisations, best practice and lessons learned about problems of common concern in both areas, such as access to water, lack of resources and increasing agricultural productivity.

There's also pictures taken in both communities of the distribution of watering cans - a big practical help for people on their family gardens. The man in the white shirt is Solidarite's agronomist Sancelot Simon, who works with me on this project. And the woman in the green shirt is rural promoter Lucie Marseille, part of the team. Sancelot and Lucie are both helping to run the activities linked to the home gardens.

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