Progressio development worker Karina Cuba writes:

We managed to implement the first part of our community training on food and nutritional security (in Partido, Loma de Cabrera and Cruz de Cabrera).

We couldn't have done it without the participation of our food security and preventive health 'promoters' from Cruz de Cabrera, Las Rosas and Los Cerezos.

Making the most of the harvest

This first workshop focused on producing jams and conserves from what they grow in their small family gardens. The promoters learned to recognize the right characteristics to harvest fruits and vegetables and to turn them into jams.

Taking part we had 42 women, five Haitian and 37 Dominican in Cruz de Cabrera; 12 women, 1 Haitian and 11 Dominican in Loma de Cabrera; and 14 persons, 13 Dominican women and 1 Haitian man, in Partido.

Passing on what they learn

It would not have been possible without the commitment and the support of the promoters. As we have no funds available at this moment, the promoters provided food for all the participants who attended the workshop (including the facilitators and driver).

And later on they will be passing on what they've learned in their households, mothers' centres, and neighbourhood groups - sharing knowledge with other families.

We are so proud and thankful that we can count on such committed women - committed to the cause of fighting food insecurity in the region.

Photo: Karina Cuba in Partido, Dominican Republic (photo © Fran Afonso/Progressio)

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