What do farmers in Haiti really think about our food security project, and the help and support they receive from Progressio development worker Gabriel Petit-Homme (above right) and our partner organisation Solidarite Fwontalye? Watch this short video and find out (and prepare to be amused...)

(If you can't see the subtitles, click on the CC - captions - button)

The video was taken by Lucy Jenkinson, Progressio communications officer, in Lamine, Haiti, in April. The people in the video are:

Clairevena and Pierre Magloire - read more from them in this blog

Gabriel Petit-Homme - in the 'people powered development' t-shirt - read the latest update from Gabriel here

Joseph Delfo - watch Joseph take you on a tour of his farm, and talk about the challenges and successes of the food security project, in this blog and video

Michel Alcime - coordinator of the social transformation department of Solidarite Fwontalye, Michel works closely with Gabriel on the food security project - he's also featured in the video from Lamine of Joseph's farm

Angela Naletilic - Angela works in the Progressio Hispaniola office and is a great supporter of the food security project.

That's Angela asking the questions in the video - and at the end of the video, she gives a translation of what Pierre and Joseph have been saying:

"The changes are really enormous. First of all they want to thank for the support they get every day from Solidarite.

"And they are saying that the engineers and the rural promoters are not lazy persons, they are every day here with them and they are happy about this constant help and support.

"They learned a lot of things like agro-ecological techniques, they got seeds and tools, they learned about soil conservation, about different crops, about diversification of crops.

"And so they are really changing the way they do agriculture - and it’s a great change.

"And they are really happy to see today Solidarite once again in the community, and also that they are bringing people from other countries to the community."

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Photo of Clairevena and Pierre Magloire, and Gabriel Petit-Homme © Fran Afonso/Progressio

Video shot by Lucy Jenkinson. Lucy and Lis Martin (Progressio's environment policy and advocacy officer) were visiting Haiti in April 2013 to carry out research on people's access to and use of water. Their research visit was funded from a Progressio policy and advocacy budget - not by the food security project. Your donation to the food security project will go straight to where it is needed, helping farmers on the Haitian-Dominican border grow their way out of poverty.