Progressio development worker Karina Cuba writes about her recent work:

  • Workshops with mothers’ groups on food security, food safety and hygiene

We worked with migrant organisation ASOMILIN and managed to increase the number of participants, particularly among Haitian migrants. Participants said they were encouraged by the changes that they have been seeing in other women and families who have been involved in the project activities for some time.

  • A strategic plan for the Union of Mothers Clubs of Loma de Cabrera

Last week we started discussing and putting together the plan. The members are excited to have a plan that enables them to work in a more organized and strategic way and the women are fully committed to put it into practice.

  • Looking for funding

The continuity of funds for our work on food insecurity and nutrition with mothers’ groups and the most vulnerable families is still a huge concern. We’re talking with the Ministry of Agriculture about supporting the implementation of food gardens and raising chickens, as well as technical assistance and monitoring.

And with Peace Corps, they are able to support us with the construction of different types of fuel-efficient wood-burning stoves, and there’s the possibility of establishing a factory for the production of ecological stoves in the area of Ranchadero with ASOMILIN. That would be a possible income generation activity for Haitian migrants too.

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Photo: Karina Cuba (left) with Amada Bernal, Wilson Pie, Belcis Leclerc and Quisqueya Proud-Homme, members of the Mothers Club in Partido, Dominican Republic (photo © Fran Afonso/Progressio)