The day of the community event with a few people scared, hoping that we remembered the dance we prepared.

The school children had a dance and a sing, now the event is in full swing. 

Hoping the rest of the community we would meet, the Morris dancing went down a treat. 

The nationals went up on stage and did their dance, which had the whole audience in a trance.

Now the event has been and done, back to work in the hot sun. 

Work has started on the roof, working all together and that is the truth.

A few people starting to fall ill, in the evenings we would chill. 

Playing cards and games of all sorts, with the nationals playing all sports.

The weekend is the time to rest, hoping the clubs on Monday will be a success.

The English lesson went to plan, its cooler in my room thanks to the fan. 

All the clubs engaging with every child, the children going wild.

The hard work is all worthwhile, it’s nice to see every child smile.

Handing out flyers for the weekend, hoping the English lessons will become a trend. 

Working on infrastructure in the school, times we leave it will look cool. 

Around the communities we will roam, in preparation for the trip to the children’s home.

To play games with the children all day long, to fill them with Chinese food and song. 

Off to La Paz the children we will visit, everyone chipping in to do their bit. 

22 children cared for by a nun, we are going to run a sports day so they can have fun. 

With both groups coming together, the children wanted us to stay forever.

The children were happy to see us, sadly it was time to get the bus. 

The work in the school is being done, the day’s activities are full of fun. 

Everyone’s smiles are fully glowing, the conversations with the nationals are fully flowing. 

This week has gone with the blink of an eye, everyone joining in willing to give tasks a try. 

Sometimes the language barrier makes it hard to get by, the day we depart will make us cry.

Written by ICS volunteer Chris Green