Arriving at Villa De San Antonio, the teams were warmly welcomed by their host families. Our expectations were exceeded by the lively environment and kindness of the community. We came to realise that life in the next eight weeks will be very different to the UK.

The team ready for infrastructure work

During our first week in Villa De San Antonio, we became very familiar with the area and the school where we will be working. Team members have now been assigned to the clubs they will be running after school, ready to make a positive impact on the children, starting the following week. Additionally, plans have been made to rehabilitate the school, improving its infrastructure and appearance. We plan to paint the outside of the school, paint games on the floor and creating an area where they can grow their own herbs/vegetables. Additionally, we aim to improve the toilet facilities.

Volunteers promoting the English lessons

We have also organised to host English lessons open to the community once a week on a Saturday for two hours. This will help the community to develop their English speaking and writing skills. Essentially this will increase the community’s employability and is a platform for members to actively engage as a community.

Written by ICS volunteers Josh Davies and Helen Foster