How did I benefit from my ICS experience?

Being part of the placement benefited me a lot. The programme was rich in knowledge to support the community that I live in. It gave me the chance to apply theoretical knowledge of community development into practise. I learnt a lot from this experience as I could witness first-hand how the local people in my area were benefiting from the ICS programme.

I was in the 8th cycle working with Simukai Child Protection Programme as a volunteer on their urban team. I worked with children from different backgrounds and various communities in Sakubva, Mutare City Centre and beneficiaries from highly populated suburbs in the surrounding areas in Zimbabwe.

The programme boosted my confidence which was very low before ICS. I developed presentation skills and how to address a large group of people. Through the ICS initiative, I also learned how to relate and work with volunteers from different backgrounds. This equipped me with knowledge about their (UK Volunteers) culture and at the same time they taught me very useful computer skills such as Microsoft Excel.

Summary of my Action At Home plan

I completed my action at home on the International Day of Forest on 21 March 2016. Forests are of great importance in the environment that we live in. Forests provide a wide range of benefits to wild life and mankind. They act as a habitat to wild life and also provide employment creation for the people through wood processing. Through my Action at Home I informed people in the community that I live on the importance of the forest. This was achieved through the distribution of brochures raising awareness of the importance of our local forest. I worked alongside the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to achieve my aims.


Kudzai Manjonjori standing with fellow ICS volunteers