Progressio celebrates the inclusion of the 0.7% aid target in the Budget announced today. We are delighted that the UK Government has recognised the money it spends on aid makes an invaluable contribution to millions of people every day in poor countries around the world.

"The inclusion of this target in the Budget shows true global leadership in prioritising those in extreme poverty, even in austere times. It is also a clear acknowledgement of the incredible work done by so many British NGOs to alleviate poverty and bring about justice for the world’s most poor and marginalised people," said Mark Lister, Progressio’s Chief Executive.

Rodrigo Sandino, Progressio's Nicaragua Country Rep, says, "The UK’s Department for International Development has supported many projects with significant impacts for the poor communities here, so this commitment by the UK’s Chancellor is extremely welcomed by those of us in Latin America."

"For many years in Honduras," Glenda Rodriguez, Progressio sub-regional manager for Latin America continues, "DFID funds have supported agriculture projects that have become a solution to poor people, especially women, who live in remote areas. They are now able to produce some food for their families and to generate some income from this food too.

"Also with the approval in Honduras of the new Forest Law and Water Law, communities that live in the forest are now able to play a significant role in the sustainable management of their natural resources," explains Glenda.

"This is an historic win for campaigners across the UK," said Daniel Hale, Progressio’s Campaigns Manager. "For 43 years campaigners have been working to get the UK Government to reach 0.7%. It’s important that promises like this are kept. We urge the Government to stick to the 0.7% figure and not to back down or opt out in subsequent years.

"The Chancellor also pledged to raise issues of tax dodging at the G8 and G20, but did not make firm commitments about UK companies operating in developing countries," said Daniel. "We await the publication of the Finance Bill for details of this." Tackling tax dodging is an important part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, of which Progressio is a member.

Photo: Progressio staff and supporters joined others from the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign to put pressure on the UK government ahead of the budget © Catherine Orchard/Progressio