Campaigners imitating Peruvian llamas descended on 10 Downing Street yesterday to tell Prime Minister David Cameron and his government to get 'a-llama-ed' about climate change and vote 'yes' to important climate recommendations at this week's Cabinet meeting.

The campaigners, with Catholic development agency Progressio, want the Government to set strong and ambitious targets for UK carbon reduction. This will limit the impact of dangerous climate change on communities dependent on the land for their livelihoods around the world like those in Peru.

The targets up for a vote are drawn from the independent Committee on Climate Change, set up as part of the Climate Change Act (2008).

Progressio campaigners want to see three key recommendations adopted which relate to so-called carbon budgets which constrain the amount of carbon the country can emit in any one year and which the government is compelled to set as part of the Act.

Daniel Hale, Progressio's Campaigns Officer, said, "We're here to stand up for people like llama farmer Humberto Lizana. He lives in the Peruvian Andes and, like many other small scale farmers, is being badly affected right now by climate change. We're all 'a-llama-ed about climate change'.

"Humberto's message to the Prime Minister is this: 'We must start to control this incessant strong climate change in the world. The world is waiting for this generation.'"

Cindy Krose, a development worker in Peru with Progressio partner CEPES, said, "Climate change threatens Peru a lot. It means less water, lower crop yields and more natural disasters. We're in trouble and need to act now. It really is that simple."

Petra Kjell, Progressio's Environment Policy and Advocacy Officer said, "Poor and vulnerable communities are asking us to act. Measures to deliver a stable climate for the world's poorest people, including the Climate Change Act, are not only essential, but also a moral obligation."

Progressio, working with the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, is calling for three key aspects as specified by the Committee on Climate Change to be adopted in the decision:

• the setting of a domestic fourth carbon budget of 1950 MtCO2e;

• agreeing a target to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030, from 1990 levels, and a target to reduce emissions from electricity generation to 50gCO2/kWh by 2030;

• and delivering a 37% carbon reduction by 2020, reflecting David Cameron's support for an unconditional 30% target for the EU.

Notes to Editors

1. For more information, addditional photographs or to arrange an interview with Daniel Hale, Campaigns Officer, Cindy Krose, CEPES development worker or Petra Kjell, Environmental Policy and Advocacy Officer please contact Daniel Hale on 07974 332329 or email

2. Progressio is a member of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, which is acting together to urge the Government to adopt the recommendations of the independent Committee on Climate Change

3. Progressio is a UK-based Catholic charity working internationally to help people gain power over their lives and overcome barriers that keep them poor. For further information see

4. All images copyright Layton Thompson/ Progressio. Progressio campaigners and staff hand in a petition to Downing Street: (l-r) campaigners Christine Sterlini and Tom Stevens, Executive Director Chritine Allen, Campaigns Officer Daniel Hale and Policy and Advocacy Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean Lizzette Robleto



I just wish this issue was not taken so controversially. There is so much to it and getting the climate in a better situation is important but so are human lives. Only the elite rich can afford to do what most groups want done.

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I agree that there is so much to be done. But even small, low cost steps make a difference. It may be an ideological shift now that creates policy later. I will be in Peru for two years trying to work with a community to increase their availability to clean water. Does anyone know of good organizations to link up with? I am still uncertain of where I will be placed….Leave September 15 and could not be more excited!

Hi there @Shane and @DavidPeruWater, Daniel here from Progressio's campaign team.

@Shane, completely agree that adapting to climate change takes resources and that's something poor communities lack - we do have a big role in the North to mitigate climate change by changing our lifestyles, and at Progressio we're working with communities around the world to help them adapt to climate change: check out the latest from El Salvador here. If you're up for making a small change, why not make a Climate Pledge - and inspire everyone else!

@DavidPeruWater, small steps really do make a big change (isn't that how we ended up with climate change in the first place?!) and your going off to Peru is a BIG change to your life! Very impressed/ envious. Why not have a look at our Drop by Drop report on the impact of asparagus on the Ica Valley, our partner organisation on that report was CEPES. Email me or more information: For some other background, this is the page about water.