About us

Progressio is an international development charity supporting poor and marginalised people, especially women, to empower themselves
A woman in El Salvador makes a gesture of defiance during a protest about the contamination of a community water source
Who we are

Inspired by our Catholic roots, and building on 70 years’ experience of development, we believe poor and marginalised people can gain the power to transform their lives.

Our people

People are at the heart of our work – not just our development workers and volunteers, but also the staff, trustees, members, supporters and campaigners who make it all possible.

Our funds

Progressio is a registered charity and receives funding from the UK Department for International Development, international and UK trusts and grant-making bodies, and individual supporters.

Join us
  • You will be standing in solidarity with poor and marginalised people throughout the world.
  • You will be part of a community of people around the world working together to achieve lasting change.
  • You will be contributing to long term, lasting change in the lives of poor and marginalised people and communities.

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We are registered in the UK as a charity (number 294329) and a company limited by guarantee (number 2002500). Read more about what we do in our annual reviews and trustees' reports.