Inspiring, passionate, committed, creative, innovative leaders. You’re the dynamism at the heart of our work in the UK.

Empower Regional Mobilisers are a small team (of between 8 and 12) who hold the position for one year. You will...

Support Local Leaders to take chosen actions in their regions - to fundraise, take campaign actions, and get to the Winter Weekender.

Focus on the skills or knowledge you want to develop. You’ll be paired with an expert in that field who can pass on their experience to you. Events? Social Media? Policy? Campaigns? You got it.

Work together to develop your own high profile projects such as a band night, céilidh or something else entirely.

Share responsibility for organising some of the Winter Weekender or providing guidance and input.

Mentor the next generation of Regional Mobilisers when your term comes to an end.

As they say: if you think you can, you can. But don’t worry. You’ll get specialist training with Progressio staff and external experts, as well as regular catch-ups with Progressio staff and telecons with one another.

Think you’re up to the job? Follow this checklist –

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