Joining the Generations: working together for people powered development

Wednesday 8 October 2014, 

6:30-8:00pm, followed by refreshments

24 Greencoat place, Victoria, SW1P 1RD

Across the world, people of all ages are joining together to tackle one of the greatest issues of out time: Poverty.

Younger and older people, among the most overlooked and disenfranchised in many societies, are finding fresh ways to approach ongoing problems. So from Liverpool to Lilongwe and from Southampton to Sana'a amazing things are happening to address global poverty.

Join us for drama, spoken word, and live links from partners and volunteers in the developing world. 

And hear from a panel of younger and older people to explore some key questions: how are generations working together to amke change? What signs of hope are there? And what can young people learn from those who have gone ahead  of them?

(Progressio's AGM, open to all members, will take place from 5:30pm)

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Empower Conference 2014

Friday 14 - Sunday 16  November 2014

Registration opens 6pm on the Friday and the Conference will finish at 3pm on the Sunday

Savio House, Ingersley Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5RW

Progressio are delighted to announce the third annual Empower conference. Empower is Progressio's youth activism network, our members are aged between 18-30 and anyone in this age group is welcome to attend. As a network, together we've called on our political leaders to change laws, raised vital funds for Progressio's work and made the case for development in our communities. If you've never been involved with the network before this is a really exciting time to come to our conference as we refuel for the next year!

The conference will be an oppourtunity for you to meet the Empower network, share ideas and learn new skills. 2015 is a huge year for development, and we're looking to our Youth supporters to help us make sure world leaders put the poorest people first.

The timetable of workshops, presentations and training is being finalised and will be sent out to everyone who signs up soon. Expect to learn about the work Progressio does globally, our policy objectives, be inspired to take actions over the next year and benefit from that will focus on your personal development.

Thanks to some sponsorship, the Conference is free to attend, including reaosnable advanced-purchase transport costs.

You can register for the conference here. Please get in touch with Jenny Vaughan to find out more or if you have any questions.

Need a speaker?

Already organising an event, and need a speaker? Or thinking of organising a talk for your local church or community group? We're bursting with experts who'd be happy to come and talk to you! Please get in touch with Daniel Hale to find out more and make a booking.

Share the secret!

And why not share the secret about Progressio and our work? Click here to find out more about holding a fun, informative and challenging event in your community - and show your solidarity with poor communities in countries around the world.