Ever thought of how you will be remembered when you're gone?

After a productive stay in Mulanje, Team Sapitwa left a mark that will stay in people’s hearts forever - a special sustainable project. 

After working with a variety of schools and youth clubs, Team Sapitwa worked with Namalowe Secondary School and Milonde Youth Club for their special final project.

We started by establishing an orchard at Namalowe Secondary School. The team had a training session with the school on tree management before the special project was established. Come Wednesday 3rd November 2014 the club was fully trained on tree management and was ready for the special project to begin.

100 different fruit trees (Guavas, Mangoes, Papayas, Oranges and Peaches) were given to the club together with watering cans and hoes. The team helped establish the orchard at the school, planting with various groups from the community.

Planting the orchard at Namalowe Secondary School

In his remarks the headteacher of the school thanked the team for considering the school for the special project. “I am short of words, thank you for considering this school for your special project, these trees will be properly taken care of and I believe there will have a high survival rate because your timing is very good, the rain season is about to start which means the rains will continue watering our tree because the schools are closing soon. We do not take this for granted and know that in years to come the orchard will be of helpful to the school.”

50 more fruit trees were also delivered to Mayi Halima Secondary School for an Orchard establishment as the school had personally asked for the trees after interacting with Team Sapitwa.

From Orchards to Bee Keeping!

Team Sapitwa had been working with Milonde Youth Club since the start of the programme. Due to the success of their activities and their strong organization, Team Sapitwa decided to give the youth club the special project of bee keeping.

Bee Keeping at Milonde

The special project was delivered on 4th December 2014, with a lesson on bee keeping by an expert Piason Jangale. 10 bee hives, 2 bee suits, 2 gumboots, 2 smokers, 3 buckets, knives and sellers were delivered to the club to start the bee keeping farming in a forest belonging to the village. The team was also encouraged to take care of the forest, refrain from cutting down trees and plant more trees.

Bees for the Youth Club!

In her remarks the chairlady of the club thanked Team Sapitwa for considering the club. “We do not take this for granted," she said, "because we know that they are a lot of clubs in Mulanje but you still chose to bless us with this project. We will work hard to make the project sustainable so that the future generations may also enjoy the benefits of the project.”


Written By: Taonga Mtambo and Trevor Lakeli