With our art and work, with our sweat and passion for what we do.  We will show to the world that only together as colleagues, friends, brothers, and sisters; we are able to make changes in the world. Organised, we can make a difference for our beloved land that gives us all without expecting anything in return. 

It's time to do something. We can only make changes uniting our ideas, joining our voices, uniting our work and, above all, uniting our commitment to the earth. Just holding hands, we can do it. That's why, I invite you to become aware of what you do in your daily lives, to think for a moment about who shields us with the wind and caresses us with the rain.

Although, we are young people from all over worlds with different paths and with different backgrounds, we have the same fate. So, let join our vision, our work and let be one voice.

Written by ICS National volunteer Saida Beatriz Laines