As a national volunteer I admire and thank the UK volunteers because they are adapting to a lifestyle that is very difficult for them and a complete change to what they are used to. They are adapting to very difficult things, as well as the work which is very hard. It is difficult being so far away from your family. They have risked coming to our country to support a nation which needs a lot of international help to overcome, bit by bit, the problems it faces, such as those concerning the environment.

At the same time, I would like to thank Progressio ICS for supporting our country, and in particular the community of Santa Marta. With your support, our community is gradually developing, and in this way also raising people’s awareness on the importance of the environment for the human race. 

Despite the many barriers that we face, it is a really good and productive experience for the volunteers. I would therefore like to thank the people who create these opportunities for us young people to be people of change in our community and in the country.

Written by national ICS volunteer Norman Leiva