We are currently under the impression that our relationship with the local community is very positive with regards to sports. Numerous young people in the area have come under the influence of our campaign to increase awareness of and engagement in rugby where we are currently living in Honduras, which has involved passing drills and games with youths ranging in age from five to 13 in the area. This has resulted in a palpable enthusiasm for the sport despite our lack of resources. 

Our efforts have mainly culminated in a rugby learning session that I planned and organised, which involved me teaching and refereeing a game of touch rugby after going over the basic rules and techniques. This was done with the help of Sebastian as an assistant coach and Seona's translations for the national volunteers and was spectated by numerous kids in the area, who were able to join in afterwards with Sebastian.

Luckily, age has been the least of the restricting factors in the campaign thus far as adults have also shown much interest in the sport, which in addition has been a tool that we have used to teach English in the area.

We believe there is a community for whom investment would be fruitful with regards to the adoption of the sport based on our observations up until now the confidence of the youths that have returned to play with us has visibly increased as the weeks have progressed. More facilities and equipment would also result in a strong appreciation of the game, which could no doubt spread if maintained.

Written by ICS volunteer Ama Maduako