Our Action at Home experience with my volunteer colleague have been blissful and worthwhile. “Terrific Wednesdays” like we called them were one major component of our weekly schedule which we looked forward to every week for the past five weeks.

Our Action At Home (AAH) focused on doing arts and crafts as well as basic computer literacy skills. The objectives were to give the children a break from the normal learning schedule through play, to identify and nurture talents, increase knowledge on computers and boost confidence of the girls.

We facilitated sessions on crocheting, acting dramas and singing on Wednesday afternoons for 1 and half hours for five weeks. These “Terrific Wednesday” afternoons were well spent doing arts and crafts with the angelic Lowden Lodge National Rehabilitation Centre girls with and without physical disabilities.

To be honest they were something we both (Volunteers and Girls) looked forward to every week. One could give anything to be with the girls, so full of energy, enthusiasm to learn and a contagious happiness. Even when you were having a bad day you were sure to end the session in a different mood all together and that joy would last the whole week as we waited for the next session.

The AAH Experience gave us an opportunity to give back to our society as well as feel good about ourselves from the smiles on the girls' faces, which in turn brought smiles on our faces as well. In a nutshell we learnt that our community needs us and “Once a volunteer always a volunteer”. We promise to keep spreading the love.

Written by: Tafadzwa Chirara and Success Mundondo from the October to December cycle 2015.