Why did I sign up for ICS?  Because out of the volunteer programmes it looked the best. 

Impacting communities around the world would be a test. Excited, anxious feelings and the rest. 

Honduras is where I would be going, I need my Spanish language to be flowing. 

Full of anticipation with my face glowing, helping the world to keep it growing. 

Who’d have known the people I’d meet, you need to be careful when in the Honduras street.

Always travelling with the troops, I was sad when we got split up into groups. 

The boys in my group are Jake and me, with a strong team couldn’t be in better company. 

The girls are Maya, Frankie, Mishaal, Hazel, and Alice. At the week’s training taken place in what looks like a palace. 

In the evenings chilling watching tele, and of course our Team Leader named Ellie. 

Getting paired up with a national partner, tomorrow to our host homes we departure.

Early evenings here it gets dark, on a wonderful experience we are about to embark.

Around the communities we shall Rome, can’t wait to get to my host home.

To the code of conduct, we shall plea, since Friday we have formed the ICS family.

With a barrier of communication, tackling towns to help the nation. 

It’s good to talk to a national, when in Honduras you have to be rational. 

Feel happy and free like two flying kites, the downside is my legs are covered in bites.

The food here is good I wonder what to eat, just be careful to drink a lot in the Honduran heat. 

Hopefully I’ll only face the odd mosquito, I’m excited to go live and work in San Benito.

To keep us safe there are a few rules, both groups helping in two different schools. 

Wake up and nothing to do, apart from walk around and observe the morning view. 

Villa Margarita fit for a king, volunteering for Progressio and Glasswing. 

Wondering on this earth where I’d go, I’m in Honduras thanks to Progressio. 

A good night’s sleep in a comfy bed, who knows what adventure lies ahead.

Written by ICS volunteer Chris Green