Some of the highlights of our last weeks include our business management and marketing workshop (pictured below). We had a number of members from the HIV support groups there. We received positive feedback and hope it will be useful in the future and allow them to start managing their business, finances and markets better.

business management workshop

Our visit to Samaringa High School was productive. We were given the chance to speak to the headmaster, the head of the Progress club, and some members of the Progress club. After this first meeting we set up debates with the students on whether or not condoms should be introduced in schools and churches, if testing was a good idea, and if poverty has anything to do with the spread of HIV.

The debates took place at first with just the Progress club, however for our last visit we asked the drama and progress club to join together. This was really useful as they were in bigger groups, everyone got a chance to express their opinions and it turned into a very interesting debate. We wrote a drama script for them based on testing and discrimination; we also saw their existing play. It was a good experience for us and them and we all learnt a lot – it was nice to see the kids be open and that they were aware of the issues.

sewing workshop

One of the most useful workshops we found was the sewing workshop (above). This enabled the members of the support groups to now be able to repair their own sewing machines which means they have gained a valuable skill but will also save time and money on not waiting to find someone else to repair it for them.

Our time in Honde Valley was amazing, full of highs and lows, and plenty of laughs. We have all achieved, and learnt so much. We’ve made really strong connections within our group and in the community. It’s been an incredible, unforgettable experience, one we wouldn’t have changed or missed for the world.

cooking on an open fire

Blog by Progressio ICS volunteer Tara Craig.