Your participation in ICS shouldn’t leave you out of pocket. We therefore reimburse lowest cost travel and accommodation expenses as well as vaccinations and anti-malarial costs required for your participation in the programme.  However, as a charity whose focus is on improving the lives of people in the world’s poorest communities, we have to make sure the money we spend in the UK is kept to a minimum. 

The following provides guidance and guidelines with regards to claiming reimbursements during your time as a Progressio ICS volunteer: 

Travel for selection and training

We will offer to pay the cost of travel in full from anywhere in the UK if you travel by the cheapest available option.  Please follow the instructions below:

We ask that all travel is booked as far in advance as reasonably feasible  to make sure you get the cheapest fare possible

Bring your receipts to the assessment or training and we will reimburse you.  If you cannot pay for your travel upfront, please contact us and we will arrange to book your travel for you.

If the journey you are planning is going to cost more than £70, you must contact us before you book.

We cannot reimburse travel by taxi or any first class travel

Tickets bought on the day of travel may not be reimbursed (unless it is a London travel card)

For volunteers travelling from outside the UK, you will be expected to pay for your travel costs until you reach the UK

We advise everyone who is coming from outside of London to buy a Young Persons railcard, as this will reduce the price of your travel by 1/3 (Should you be offered an ICS placement, you will make at least 4 journeys during your time as a Progressio ICS volunteer). 

Will you need to stay overnight?

If you think that you might need an overnight stay, please contact us to discuss this option, as we will book accommodation for you. Please don’t book your own accommodation.

Vaccinations and anti-malarials

We will reimburse your expenses related to the injections and anti-malarials which are recommended for your country by InterHealth

We will not reimburse for any medical expenses additional to this list or the anti-malarial Malarone, unless we approve this in advance.

Many GPs will provide free vaccinations if they are know you are working with for a charity and so please do tell them!

If you can’t afford to pay for your medical expenses upfront, please contact us as alternative arrangements can be made.   

How to get reimbursed 

You will need to complete an expenses form with your bank details (please remember to bring your bank details to the selection day)

In order to be reimbursed, we will need your receipts. Please either give us the original receipt at the selection day or training, or email a scan of the receipt before you leave for your placement

Please ensure that the amount, date and the detail of what the cost was for are clearly stated, 

A receipt for an injection also needs to clearly state what type of injection you received.

If you can pay the cost or can contribute something towards the cost, then we would encourage you to state this on your claim form, remembering that we are a charity. 

Please be aware that we cannot reimburse any costs on the day. It takes up to 14 working days to process expenses.