Empower Local Leaders are the heart of Empower. A passionate nationwide team of young adults, we’re committed to working alongside communities around the world as they overcome poverty.

As a Local Leader, you’ll be able to:

Connect with other Local Leaders and Regional Mobilisers. You might not have time to do your own thing, but you’re OK to be asked to get involved in festivals, fundraisers and anything else, three or four times a year.

Commit to a personal action in the year ahead. Something small but decent that will help change our world. A 10k, a club night, a flash mob. Whatever you fancy.

Act with Progressio campaigns alongside poor communities for a better world and commit to get at least 5 people you know to do the same. Friends, family or randomers.

Raise £200 per year, especially in a whacky or weird way. You can decide where it’s spent and do it alongside other Local Leaders.

Join in with regional events at least once a year. These might be events you organise or regionally organise, and could be social, friend-raising or fundraising.

Attend the annual Empower Winter Weekender to develop skills, get informed, plan, reflect and meet up with the rest of the Empower network. And get other training throughout the year too.

You’ll be a direct part of Progressio’s work, able to pursue your own ideas, connected to one another, helping each other, learning new skills, staying in touch socially, and staying motivated to act. You’ll also get quarterly updates from Progressio with news, views and opportunities for action straight to your inbox.

Local Leaders are co-ordinated by our amazing team of Regional Mobilisers, supporting everyone to act locally, and keeping you plugged in to what’s going on. They’ll be your first port of call.

Download and have a read of the Local Leaders Action Kit

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