“I’m happy living here but we feel neglected by local authorities. We’re isolated and have limited access to basic services,” says Belcis Suero.

“We thank you from our heart that your project is reaching out to the most disadvantaged and abandoned in this area of the country.”

Oscar and Belcis with Oscar Junior and Joan Manuel

Belcis and her husband Oscar Eugenio Jimenez have two children, Oscar Junior and Joan Manuel, and live in Loma de Guano, a small community near the Haitian border.

They have been helped by Progressio’s Karina Cuba, working with her colleague Rosa Martínez from partner organisation Solidaridad Fronteriza, to improve their food garden and to rear and keep chickens. Karina has also given training on food safety and nutrition.

Belcis and Progressio development worker Karina Cuba

Now that Belcis understands the importance of a balanced diet her family are much healthier. She says:

“The children get sick less, and we have organic, healthy and balanced produce from our food garden."

Oscar feeding the chickens

“Raising chickens and growing our own vegetables means we can save money and invest it on other things, such as school fees and home improvements.”

“We really feel we have more knowledge and skills: we feel empowered,” she says.

Belcis with her daughter Joan Manuel

“There is a long way to go to come out of poverty and vulnerability, but in our community here we are all motivated to make the best of our lives. I know that with continued support from outside, it will be easier to make our lives better.”

Photos © Fran Afonso/Progressio

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Congratulations Congratulations!!
This is with regards to your marvelous work in changing lives,by growing communities out of poverty.
I sincerely lack words to express my inner joy for the great work you are doing.
God Bless!
Fidel F.A.
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