Read the latest update from DW Gabriel (above right, in dark shirt):

The project car has not been in good shape for months, it has several technical problems and on our way to Hinche for the meeting of the project steering committee, the car broke down in a small community we just passed. The problems with the car need to be resolved as soon as possible as it handicaps the field visits and certain other activities, but money for car maintenance and repairs is always limited within project budgets.

Regarding the cassava factory in Gens de Nantes, it is proving more complex than expected! It is mandatory to comply with the health standards for the marketing of products, and to give exclusivity of these products in the local market that already has competitors.

At the same time, we had to find a solution for the heat that accumulated in the building where the cassava is processed. The hotplates on which the cassava bread is baked were moved outside, but this required additional construction of a structure that covers them and the villagers working there.

Inside the building, it is planned to set up a selling point, so the building will be used for production and marketing. But the workshops on accountability and marketing, as well as management of the factory, are still due, and we are consulting with the villagers to decide on the best dates for the training.

After doing the training on vegetable production at the demonstration garden in Lamine (see photos above), and the distribution of assets [tools and seeds], we did the follow-up and monitoring of the installation of small vegetable gardens by the local families. We are very happy with the results, the gardens are successfully implemented and some crops are almost ready for marketing.

The photos in the slideshow were taken during a training session at the demonstration garden in Lamine village. Gabriel Petit-Homme is wearing a black t-shirt. The man in the bright yellow t-shirt and white cap is Sancelot Simon, an agronomist who works for Solidarite Fwontalye and collaborates on the food security project with Gabriel. Also in some of the photos are Michel Mulaire (light yellow shirt and jeans) and Lucie Maseille (dark green shirt and light blue hat) who both work for the local partner organisation MPP (Mouvement Paysans Papaye), which is implmenting the same project in the area of Hinche. They came to Lamine for an exchange of experience.

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