Amparo Jiménez lives in El Carrizal near Restauracion. Now aged 62, she has seven children. Over the years, all of them have moved away in search of a living.

But things are looking up for Amparo, thanks to the small food garden next to her home that she has built up with help from Progressio’s Bernardo Lopez.

Amparo pointing to her garden

She and her husband have planted a variety of fruits and vegetables – enough for home consumption and for sale. “What we can grow in the garden provides us with an income as well as food for ourselves,” she says.

Amparo in her food garden

Amparo is also secretary of the Forest Producers Association of Carrizal, which has had training from Bernardo on agro-forestry and farm planning. Together the farmers have a common plot on which they grow coffee and cocoa.

“We have contracts with companies for the sale of plants and products, which has generated significant income,” says Amparo.

Amparo with Bernardo in food garden

The training and support they’ve had from Bernardo (above right) and our partner organisation Solidaridad Fronteriza has been crucial. They still face many challenges, but the prospects for the farmers of Carrizal are better than ever.

“Our aim now is to become a cooperative and expand the business,” she says with a smile.

Photos © Fran Afonso/Progressio

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