Progressio staff and supporters have expressed their deep sadness upon hearing the news of MP Paul Goggins' death on 8th January. Over the years Paul has offered invaluable support to Progressio and has been a tremendous source of encouragement and inspiration to many.  

His support for the East Timor: Who Cares? campaign in 2009 helped to enable the voices and plight of a forgotten nation to be heard and the UK public's concerns and desire for justice to be acknowledged by the government, an important step towards reconciliation for Timor Leste. 

Christine Allen, Progressio's former Chief Executive, said:"It was with huge shock and sadness that I heard the news of Paul's death. It is an enormous loss to so many people, and my thoughts are with his family who are naturally inconsolable at losing someone so young and vibrant. 

"Paul was an energetic, caring and deeply committed person who was enormously generous with his time and support. There will be many tributes coming in from far and wide. That just goes to show the depth and breadth of Paul's influence. Quite how many lives he has touched and made better as a result of his life's dedication to make the world a better place, we will never know. Paul, we can't comprehend why you were taken from us but thank God for you. RIP."

Paul's sincerity and kind nature will be sorely missed by those of us who had the privilege to know him and work alongside him.

Photo: MP Paul Goggins speaking at the East Timor: Who Cares? photo exhibition in the House of Commons (right) and Christine Allen and Zequito de Oliveira enjoying his speech (left and centre).