An Earthquake that Shook Britain: Haiti one month on

Britain had barely risen from its post-Christmas slumber when news of the Haitian earthquake thundered into the headlines.

“Thousands feared dead as huge earthquake destroys Haiti”, screamed The Times newspaper. “Earthquake devastation unimaginable”, shrieked The Guardian. “Island of tragedy”, squealed The Sun.

And suddenly, after years of scant reporting on the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, the people of Britain woke up to Haiti’s plight as never before.


Haitians must build new future for themselves, says Progressio

Haitian communities must be nurtured now and supported long into the future if the country is to secure a new reality for its people and build resilience to natural and man-made shocks, international development agency Progressio says one month after a devastating earthquake rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation killing more than 200,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands injured.

Past work in Ecuador

Jo Barrett with a family in EcuadorThe Wajuyata family in Chiwitayo, province of Pastaza. Photo: Santiago Serrano/Progressio

portrait of Luis CamachoMy name is Luis Camacho. I was Progressio’s country representative in Ecuador. Progressio phased out its direct involvement in Ecuador at the end of 2010.



Alberto Granados shows the destruction caused by illegal loggers

Alberto Granados, a farmer in Olancho, Honduras. Photo © Omar Banegas/Progressio

Please note: Progressio has announced closure in March 2017