How can we advance women’s and girls' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?

Progressio’s parallel event at the 59 UN-Commission on the status of Women (CSW) that took place in New York from 9-20 March 2015 was titled 'Given the complex interplay between social norms, religious beliefs and human rights around the world, how can we advance women’s and girls' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?.

World Water Day: An interview with Diego Matsvange

Development Worker Diego Matsvange discusses some of the water issues and challenges facing Zimbabwe and the community he is currently working in as an Agro-ecology, Product Development and Market Linkages Adviser, alongside local partner organisation Environment Africa Zimbabwe.

What does water mean to you?

International Women’s Day: An interview with Fiona Mwashita

Progressio has been working on gender in Zimbabwe for several years. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Progressio’s Southern Africa Sub-regional Manager, Fiona Mwashita, talks to us about being a woman in Zimbabwe.

What would you say are the main challenges facing women in Zimbabwe?

International Women's Day: The journey from illiteracy to university in Somaliland

For Hamda Sulaiman, education has been the most powerful tool in unlocking a full life with open doors to her potential. In Somaliland, where more than half of the female population is illiterate, Hamda’s story is not a unique one, but it does show the change that can occur in a person’s life when a local organisation is supported to bring justice. In the lead up to International Women's Day, we wanted to give Hamda the opportunity to share her story.

Looking back and forward: 75 years of history and some huge moments in 2015

Progressio is celebrating 75 years of supporting marginalised people around the world. We have marked the occasion with a special version of our magazine that looks back over more than seven decades of incredible work, and gives you a glimpse of the significant moments coming up in the year ahead.

How sharing farming skills in Zimbabwe changed Mark Marevera's life

Mark Marevera spent the majority of his life the way most farmers in his area of Zimbabwe do. Three years ago, his income was very volatile and he lacked the security of knowing if his farm would even provide a yield large enough to sustain his family.

He was living in the small village of Chirimanyemba, Zvimba where, despite agriculture being the main source of livelihoods, farmers struggled to respond to changing economic and environmental pressures.


Passion for bee keeping secures economic freedom in Zimbabwe

Ignatius Pfengwe, an 83 year old man living in Zimbabwe, has secured a sustainable income through his passion and talent for bee keeping, which has flourished with the help of Progressio and its local partner organisation, Environment Africa.

Ignatius, who lives in the Nyanga region of Zimbabwe, is one of hundreds of farmers Progressio has supported to achieve food security through cost effective and environmentally sustainable farming methods.