Building together local governance based on participation and planning

This project contributed to the strengthening of local governance in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This was achieved thought he creation of spaces for citizen participation and the promotion of cross-border partnerships between municipalities. The specific objective was to strengthen the capacity of non-state actors and local authorities in terms of the implementation of public policies, particularly the mechanisms of citizen participation, gender equity and planning established in the 176-07 Law on local development. The project also encouraged public participation by enhancing the knowledge of citizens about their rights, duties and participation mechanisms, especially the Municipal Law 176-07. In addition, the project has strengthen the knowledge and resources of local authorities to fulfil their duties and thus create the conditions to plan and reach a consensus for inclusive municipal policies that benefit the populations on both sides of the border.

Star date: March 2013

End date: June 2015

Partner organisations: Federation of Dominican Municipalities (FEDOMU), Municipalities of Ozama, Higuamo, Valdesia, El Valle. Enriquillo, Cibao North, Northeast and Northwest; and civil society organisations

Locations: Ozama, Yuma, Higuamo, Valdesia, El Valle. Enriquillo, Cibao North, Northeast and Northwest

Funded by the European Union

Communications for the rights of the Dominicans of Haitian descent

Through this project, our development worker will train staff of Centro Bono’ and MUDHA (Dominican-Haitian Women Movement) on how to use traditional and social media to advocate for the rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent. At the moment, thousands of these people – many of whom were born and have lived all their lives in the DR – are being denied Dominican citizenship and, as a result, face numerous challenges to access education and health services, legal protection and electoral rights. Read more about what Progressio is doing about it here

Start date: June 2013

End date: March 2015

Partner organisations; Centro Bono’, MUDHA

Locations: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Funded by Christian Aid

Local cross-border development

This project aimed to strengthen the capacities of the coordinating body of municipalities of Elías Piña and the cross-border committee of municipalities to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate local economic development plans. The enhanced coordination between neighbouring municipalities on both sides of the border will contribute to maximise the efficiency of the local development plans for the benefit of both Haitian and Dominican populations.

Start date: July 2013

End date: August 2014

Partner organisations: Comité intermunicipal transfronterizo (CIT) and Mancomunidad de Municipios y Distritos Municipales de Elías Piña (MAMDEPI).

Locations: Elías Piña, Dominican Republic and Plateau Central, Haiti.

Funded by UNDP