Betty’s story

betty mkusa providing tips on growing plants to a group of peopleBetty Mkusa © Progressio/ Marcus Perkins

Betty Mkusa, 55, leads a quiet revolution in Chilhambi, southern Malawi. The majority of small-scale farmers in Malawi are women just like her. But unlike the rest, Betty knows a thing or two about three plants, Jatropha, Neem and Moringa. In fact, she knows so much they call her ‘Mamma Jatropha’.

Our work in Malawi


Farmers husking maize in MalawiSmall-scale farmers talking to Stanley Chidaya (right), Executive Secretary of Progressio partner organisation the Malawi Organic Growers' Association (Photo © Marcus Perkins/Progressio)

The challenge

We need to increase the support we give to people with HIV and people at risk of infection.

We need to help Malawi’s people tackle environmental damage and help small-scale farmers build sustainable livelihoods.