Luis and Zoila’s story

Portrait of Zoila Baraja

“I’m an active member of the local agro-ecological collective and I want to tell you about our lives here,” says Luis Gomez from the village of El Cristal in Ecuador.

“I was born here and the reality is before this project started our soil was very bad. We had cut down many trees and we had problems with erosion and drought because of that.”


Past work in Ecuador

Jo Barrett with a family in EcuadorThe Wajuyata family in Chiwitayo, province of Pastaza. Photo: Santiago Serrano/Progressio

portrait of Luis CamachoMy name is Luis Camacho. I was Progressio’s country representative in Ecuador. Progressio phased out its direct involvement in Ecuador at the end of 2010.



Alberto Granados shows the destruction caused by illegal loggers

Alberto Granados, a farmer in Olancho, Honduras. Photo © Omar Banegas/Progressio

Please note: Progressio has announced closure in March 2017


Past work in Peru

indigenous women in Peru join together
Women leaders on a course run by Progressio partner organisation Centro Bartolome de Las Casas.

Progressio has worked in Peru since 1976, helping poor and marginalised groups to have more of a say in their own future. Our development workers have: