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Zimbabwe: There's free range, and then there's free range

“There’s free range, and then there’s free range” were some of the first words uttered to me by Yvonne, our group leader, upon arrival in Regina Coeli.  This is definitely the latter.  A couple of days ago we were washing our bed sheets, outside obviously, and a baby goat wanders out of our house.  I kid you not.  (No pun intended).  It must have come in the front door, had a wander around the living area, before trotting out of the side door, where its unsuspecting audience was gathered.  Upon regaining the ability of cognitive thought, Joy went to close the front door.


Honduras: Orientation and Training - Laughter and Cultural exchange

“Estamos aquí”

So… we have arrived safe and sound in Honduras and after 5 days I have already realized how difficult it is going to be to capture the experience in words… Nevertheless, in these blogs I will endeavor to share our experiences, pose questions about the issues faced in Honduras and try to give a voice to the people of Honduras that hopefully will be heard by as many people as possible!


Malawi: Final blog for Salima work with Environment Africa

It’s not enough! We don’t want it to end!

Since my last blog update, we have been so busy with many more exciting projects working with Environment Africa. Time has flown by so quickly, that it’s hard to engulf the fact that we’re leaving Salima in a few days! I feel so proud of the small differences we have made and of all the unique experiences we have gained; I just don’t want it to end! The many different projects in which we have been involved in are as followed…


Malawi: Busy final weeks with Ungweru

We have been very busy in Mzuzu! Nothing we can’t handle though!

An umbrella is not much to ask

We organised a talk with volunteers from the child-based care centres (CBCCs) at which we used questionnaires and activities to enquire about the needs of these centres. With a better turnout than expected, we managed to extract a lot of information, which we have analysed and used to make a plan of action.


Zimbabwe: Reflecting on HIV

I can’t believe that we’re half-way through our time here in Zimbabwe. Time is definitely flying by for Team Regina! We have had a varied week, running our programmes in schools, conducting support group visits and facilitating workshops on Paediatric ART. However the main thing that has stood out for me personally is our work in the hospital. Having studied Immunology of Infectious Diseases, the pandemic of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe is something that intrigues me deeply.


Malawi: Working hard with Environment Africa

(Photo: Irrigation channel project, Luvielle village: (UK volunteers) Usman, Emily, Sabah and Lisa with Chief Mr Banda, the chief’s mother, and villagers.)

Moni! Bobo! (Hello, hiya) from us in Salima, Malawi!

Life here in Salima is absolutely amazing! Apart from the terrifying and strange bugs which we encounter in our rooms here at our accommodation on a regular basis and having cold showers…

Our experiences so far have been incredibly educational, exhausting, and life-changing.