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The imperative for change. Poverty and planet: a new way forward and a new champion

The cry for justice of the poor and voiceless has a new dimension, a new power and a new urgency. It has a new authentic global champion. This time a global superstar with a radical difference. He's a man (“well, you can't win them all” whispers the feminist in me) who has none of the normal trappings and who, in fact, has systematically avoided them. His idea of a good time is not the usual lavish ostentation, it's to kneel down humbly and wash the feet of a prisoner. 

Young volunteers working with families for sustainable futures

In Malawi, young volunteers have been given a green light to make the most of their innovation and passion on the ICS programme. It has already had significant impact on the community, and here is just one of many stories of how one village is benefitting from working with a fantastic group of devoted young people.

330 MPs told to Speak Up For The Love Of...

Progressio recently joined more than 9,000 people and 50 organisations at the UK’s largest ever mass climate lobby in Westminster. Having successfully lobbied 330MPs in one afternoon, the event aimed to influence government decisions ahead of the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals in September, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) in December, where world leaders will meet to agree a legally binding and universal agreement on climate.

‘To change everything, we need everyone’: Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Environment

Laudato si’

On 18th June 2015, Pope Francis published his Papal Encyclical on environment and climate change. Pope Francis’ charismatic writing style offers an accessible read for people of all faiths and none, so readership is not limited to the Catholic community. Instead, Pope Francis addresses all “people of good will” with the aim of encouraging them to “care for our common home” and take immediate action against climate change.

On the care for our common home: Pope Francis’ powerful warning of ‘unprecedented destruction’

Pope Francis has called the world to act in defence of the planet in his papal encyclical. Talking not just to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, but humanity as a whole, he has called for all to join in with the battle against climate change.

In On the care for our common home, Pope Francis has warned the environment is facing "unprecedented destruction". He has made a specific effort to show that he does believe human actions are causing climate change, frequently discussing how humans have plundered the planet to satisfy their own needs. 

Permanent Yemen Ceasefire needed now to safeguard million: call from international humanitarian agencies

Humanitarian agencies are calling on the international community to support a lasting solution that could save the lives of millions of civilians in Yemen, as the United Nations prepares to host peace talks on Sunday June 14th in Geneva.

One planet, one vision: Green

After years of environmental damage and degradation the world is waking up to a new ecological consciousness. Now more than ever, we are recognising the importance of green solutions to modern day problems. One of Progressio ICS's main goals is to improve the quality of life of poor and marginalised communities through more equitable and sustainable management of our natural resources and habitat. As we approach World Environment Day, hear from Progressio ICS volunteer Roisin McGovern.

32,000 trees and counting: The Chembe Community

More than 32,000 new trees have been planted in brand new nurseries thanks to the Chembe Community in Malawi. In a single year, the Community managed to plant 10,000 new trees and their dedication their nurseries resulted in an incredible 85% survival rate of these seedlings. This year, they are aiming to increase the area they work in and plant more than 12,000 new trees. These trees will enable the Community to support a healthy environment while diversifying their income to support local families. Find out more about this story in the run up to World Environment Day.

The Biogas Tour of Zimbabwe

A series of inspiring moments took place in Zimbabwe in March, but not the kind the world will notice. March 27 will go down in local history thanks to the collaboration of some incredibly passionate people. Biogas operators in Guruve, who are Progressio’s partners in Zimbabwe, had a rare opportunity to talk the country’s leading renewable energy technical experts. As we prepare to celebrate World Environment Day, you can read the full story here.

Historic celebration of environmental advocacy in Malawi

In the Salima District of Malawi, an historic movement of environmental awareness has taken place. The celebration, incorporating World Forestry Day and World Water Day, was the first of its kind in Salima. Progressio worked with our partner organisation, Environment Africa, to make the day a success, ensuring a diverse range of people engaged with the crucial message of climate awareness. Now, as we appraoch World Environment Day, we look back on the day of action.