Women’s rights are human rights, and Progressio believes that the dignity of every human being must be respected. We have a commitment to gender justice which is central to all our work.

What is Gender Justice?

Gender Justice means ending the inequalities between women and men that are produced and reproduced in the family, the community, and the state. We believe that gender differences between human beings are socially constructed and can change. These gender differences are often defined culturally, socially, economically and historically, and can be further affected by race, class, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty and oppression.

Progressio supports civil society partner organisations in tackling gender inequality. Our approach to gender recognises women and men as agents of change. Our programmes and projects will support women and girls to empower themselves as much as possible, for example achieving sexual and reproductive health or rights and ending violence against women and girls.