Barwaago Voluntary Organisation(BVO) is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit making development action-orientated organisation founded in 1996 by a committed gender balanced group in Somaliland. The organisation is involved with human rights work, particularly on women’s empowerment, education, conservation of the environment, food security, and HIV and AIDS awareness, focusing on prevention and stigma reduction. It operates in four regions, namely Maroodi Jeex, Sahil, Awdal, and Togdheer. 

Development Intervention and Welfare organisation(DIWO) is a local non-governmental organization, officially registered with the Ministry of Planning and National Development and with the Office of the Attorney General, that works on various sectors ranging from governance, human rights, education, health programmes, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), advocating for the rights of disabled people, democracy, gender mainstreaming and the environment

Hargeisa Hospital is a national referral hospital which receives significant support from the Regional Health Board. Alongside the IPTCS (Integrated HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support) services unit are a number of departments, including surgical, medical, paediatric, gyne-obstetric and emergency, as well as a laboratory and blood transfusion centre.

General Assistance Voluntary Organisation (GAVO) is a youth-based humanitarian organisation based in Berbera, Hargeisa and Burao. Founded in 1993 following a long period of social strife and political instability in Somaliland, it recognises the role of young people as not only beneficiaries, but also active contributors to development. Comprised of a team of young volunteers, GAVO activities focus on social programmes including mental health care, rehabilitation of street children, sanitation awareness, HIV and AIDS work, and non-formal education.

NAGAAD (National Women’s Network) is a voluntary network bringing together 46 women’s organisations in Somaliland. Founded in 1997, it was formed to serve as a collective voice for women wishing to see their rights as equal citizens respected in Somaliland. Its activities focus on women’s education, economic empowerment, participation in decision making, reproductive rights and well-being, through advocacy, networking, capacity building, training and research.

Somaliland National Health Professions Commission (NHPC)

Somaliland National Human Rights Commission (SLNHRC)

Somaliland National Youth Organisation (SONYO) is the only youth umbrella organisation in Somaliland, comprised of over 50 member organisations distributed throughout the six regions of the country. The organisation incorporates local youth NGOs, university student unions, educational institutions and secondary schools and aims to further youth participation in decision-making, increase youth political empowerment, protect human and child rights, and further youth opportunities in education, health, culture and sports.

Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group(SOWRAG) is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organisation founded in 1998. It strives for a just society where its members live in peace and harmony with each other, where all forms of violence and inequalities based on gender, clan or other distinction are eliminated and where every member has the same rights and opportunities. It seeks to empower Somaliland women through increasing their capacity, conducting research, and undertaking advocacy programmes, information dissemination and devising action programmes that meet their needs.

Somaliland Women’s Lawyers Association(SWLA) is the only professional association of Women Lawyers in Somaliland. It provides support for new and young women lawyers, and it is consistent in providing much-needed legal services to its target clients, who are mostly members of vulnerable groups.

Talowadag Action Against HIV and AIDS is non-profit and non-political organisation working on combating stigma and discrimination and providingpsychosocial support to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA).

Women rehabilitation and Development Association(WORDA) is a non-profit making and non-political organisation engaged in the development of Somaliland communities. The organisation strives to upgrade social services, human rights and livelihoods for vulnerable women, children and youth groups through advocacy, enhancing education, skill training and the provision of material packages. The organisation is involved in activities on education, human rights, health and HIV and AIDS, and governance.