The Committee Association Against AIDS (Cocosi) is a group of young people working to provide information to young people and adults in the prevention of HIV and AIDS. They are also aiming to create a change of attitude in people to achieve gender equality, and respect of sexual and reproductive rights.

One of the main objectives of Cocosi is to contribute to the reduction of violence based on gender. It also wants to create an environment free of discrimination against people living with HIV and the LGBTI group (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex).

On the 11th November, CoCoSi facilitators delivered a talk about gender to the group of national and international Progressio volunteers, in order to raise awareness about the psychological damage that discrimination can cause on people who have a different sexual identity.

The volunteers were highly participatory throughout the day. We had the chance to reflect on the phrases of ancient thinkers and philosophers who demoralized the image of women through techniques implemented by the facilitators.

We all were very satisfied with the information of the talk.  We learnt a lot from it, such as  knowing things that will help our self-awareness in the eradication of gender violence and gender equity.

Written by in-country ICS volunteer Ana Milagro Lopez