Our group of twelve went to Honduras to work with local partners of the NGO Progressio in Marcala, in the region of La Paz.

During our time in Marcala we have noticed just how much of an impact education has on development, and conversely how detrimental a poor education can be to a person’s life. In this documentary we highlight some of the main problems affecting the education system in Honduras (such as lack of access and resources in the rural areas), but also some of the positive initiatives that do exist.

We would like to thank all the interviewees for their time and their participation in this project.

Interviews carried by: Becky Higgins, James Martin, Lorena Cotza.

Introductory videos and conclusion starring: Duncan Frankis, Dave McManus, James Martin.

Video directed and edited by: Lorena Cotza

Subtitles by: Lorena Cotza

With the collaboration of the Progressio ICS team in Honduras:
Duncan Frankis
James Hardy
James Martin
Joanna Auburn
Katie Sims
Liv Ferrari
Lorena Cotza
Peter Teasdale
Sukhi Bath
Vicky Knight