This week we made our first journey into La Asomada, the first rural community which we have visited during our residence in Lempira. After much anticipation we were extremely excited to meet the local residents. Upon arrival we were greeted with a warm welcome and paired with our national volunteers, who we worked with whilst engaging villagers in a questionnaire raising issues relating to their daily environment, in particular water management. 

We traversed the entire village, treading all the while between houses with a beating sun overhead. All UK volunteers were struck by the hospitality of the village's residents. As we walked into each family compound, chairs and benches were generously offered to us before they had even understood the purpose of our visit. The inhabitants of La Asomada patiently listened to, and answered, our series of questions. This will provide Red Comal with valuable data for the community's continuing development. Many volunteers experienced immense generosity from the villagers, despite the questionnaire revealing that basic amenities for daily living were limited, and thus highly precious. It was also interesting that many of our national volunteer partners were from this particular community. They made us feel even more integrated and comfortable in their village. It also provided the community with a unique opportunity to have young people from the area supporting the development of their own futures. This is something which is very special to Progressio's project programme. 

We feel very privileged to have been given a unique insight into the lives of rural communities such as La Asomada, and even more grateful to be contributing toward creating positive changes which hope to affect the residents' future quality of life. Our team now look forward to visiting the other three rural communities surrounding Gracias, Lempira, and engaging with the local people of those places. 

By ICS volunteers Ben Anson and Emma Hooper