Trees are essential to our welfare. Not only do they improve the quality of the air that we breathe, but they provide food and shelter for humans and wildlife, prevent floods, conserve both water supplies and the environment. Therefore Team Catseye participated in a tree planting exercise at Msiki Village in Mzuzu on Friday 30 January 2015.

We arrived at 9:15 and were joined by 8 people consisting of Msiki AIDS Support Group members and individuals from the community including the Village Headman.

Over 500 trees were planted on the woodlot surrounding the unfinished Msiki Community multi-purpose hall being constructed by members of the community with funding and help from Ungweru Organisation.

The Village Headman was delighted to see young people helping the community by planting trees and expressed his gratitude by thanking the team for their willingness and commitment during the tree planting exercise.

“It pleases me to see the youth making a difference and to continue what you have started in other communities.”

Team Catseye left Msiki satisfied with happy faces knowing that they did not just plant trees for their beauty but also created other benefits such as reducing climate change and preventing soil erosion.

Written by Zamiwi Chisi