Home visits are an exciting experience that enable ICS volunteers the opportunity to effectively engage in the community. This is a once in a life time experience, especially for the UK volunteers, to witness the different household settings in Zimbabwe rural areas, their living standards and culture. Enthusiastic volunteers who are committed to make a difference in developing countries or within their local community are given the chance to make a difference in someone’s life through these visits.

One might ask how?  Home visits are designed in a way that allows volunteers to assist beneficiaries with their income generating activities (IGAs) thus mentoring IGAs, market linkages and increasing knowledge with their respective projects. This helps improve project management and thereby increasing household income. It is also a great way to give specific advice and support to individuals, especially for those that do not attend our sessions.

The beneficiaries are very appreciative of home visits and are always keen to learn more from us as ICS volunteers. They are also excited to have UK volunteers visit their humble homes. “Zimbabwe is a very friendly country, the people are so friendly and welcoming,” said one of the UK volunteers. During home visits, volunteers also assist beneficiaries with their day-to-day activities and chores like farming, fetching water and any other household chores within the home, if need be.

Home visits are a great cross-cultural and learning experience for UK volunteers because they get to learn different things, like carrying things on their head and experiencing using a hoe. With a little bit of practice, of course…

Written by ICS Team Leader Raymond Mutambanengwe